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    wp pumps go wireless!

    The RW Series of propeller pumps succeed the very popular WP line. The RW pump has a different look to widen the flow and also make them quieter than the already silent WP’s. The controller has some significant changes. Multiple pumps can now be controlled together in a master/slave format from a single controller. The controller will communicate with the designated slave pumps wirelessly, and can handle up to 8 slave pumps. Each slave pump’s output can be adjusted individually, while the master pump controls the wave function. There is also a ‘Feed’ button and a light sensor to reduce flow at night. The new RW series has 8 different selectable flow rates down to 10%, while the older WP only had 3 choices(100%/75%/50%). (Reefbuilders.com)

    Jebao Wireless RW WaveMaker:

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    Yes... Add that to the list of things to get... Thanks for the share!

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