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    120 peninsula, 12 long.


    *** CORRECTION! The 12 long is mine. The 120 is mostly AKM's. At least the BB is hers. The drift wood is mine. And the Malawas.***
    In the interest of injecting some life into this part of the forum:

    My 120 gallon planted. Single piece of driftwood. A dozen types of crypts. Lots of anubias petite. Narrow leaf java fern. A buttload of black brush. 50 pygmy cories. ~ 500 malawa shrimp. A dozen c. sterbai. 7 clown loaches. ~ 20 CPDs and ~20 exclamation point rasboras. Couple otos. Very high light. Co2 fed by a dual stage stainless airgas reg off of a 15lb tank. 4x4' t5HO. Aqua medic doser recently added, dosing EI (this SHOULD make my dosing more regular and SHOULD help with the BB.) 2x eheim 2217 (also recently added from my ancient, dying filstars.) Crazy fast growth.... Of everything.... Including BB.

    Left side.



    Right side. CLR user AKM in the background, shopping juvie Kole tangs on the intertubes.

    My 12 long. Fissidens fontanus and anubias petite. Couple of nerites. Eventual home to a bunch of OEBT. About as low tech as it gets. Eheim 2215 feeding a DIY under gravel. Marineland double bright about 2 feet above the tank. No dosing. No algae. Decent growth.

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