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    Need a Halide ballast

    Anyone have an old halide ballast sitting around? It needs to run a 250w lamp. Mine burnt up and my corals need light. Help!
    I have cash or frags.

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    Anyone sell them locally for a good price? I have very little money right now.

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    did u try brew and grow there is 1 in the west loop might have something u can use this is the address 19 S Morgan St
    Chicago, IL 60607 its either that or u can use thanks10 code at reefgeeks and get 10% off

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    Thanks, I'll check it out. Meanwhile, I'd still like an old one if someone has one.

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    There's that hydroponic place off north and elston. I would also call all local LFS as they generally have used stuff hanging around.

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    Haven't found any used anywhere. Don't want to invest in a brand new one either. Nobody has an old dusty ballast?

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    Got one from anothet reefer. Got the lamp cord from brew and grow. Back in business.

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