Both of our 24W PAR38's on SALE for $89.99!

No coupon needed. Sale ends Sunday 3/16.

24w 20k Full Spectrum G2 Dimmable PAR38 - $89.99

24w 14k Full Spectrum G2 Dimmable PAR38 - $89.99

Our full spectrum PAR bulbs utilize multiple color leds, which better cover the specific spectrums of light used by corals. All full spectrum PAR 38 bulbs are dimmable using any standard household dimmer that is rated for LEDs. And remember that all of our PAR bulbs come standard with a 3 year warranty.

Our 24w PAR bulbs are two of our most popular bulbs.

The 14k version will give you a very crisp white color, and we have been told by many harcore halide folks that it is the closest they have seen any LED light come to the look of metal halide.

Our 20k version is for the folks who like a nice bluish color to their tank. Not Windexy looking, but a deep bluish white color that will certainly show off your coral's bright colors.

Get either of them right now at