Both of our 40w PAR38's on SALE for $119.99!

22k 40watt PAR38 SuperBlu $119.99

22k 40watt PAR38 TruColor $119.99

Both bulb feature an industry first, true 40 watts of LED power, packaged into a tiny PAR38 bulb. Custom designed 60 degree honeycomb quad optics blend the light from 4 groupings of 4 separate LEDs to mix the colors more evenly so you don't get any spot lighting of colors, while still spreading the light 15" and penetrating up to 36" deep. Each bulb is fan cooled internally to stay cooler than any other PAR bulb yet, and as always covered by our 3 year warranty.

Both bulbs also utilize an unconventional mix of warm white 3000k leds, along with deep blue 455nm, cool blue 470nm, and true violet 420nm leds, these bulbs provide a full spectrum of light, closer to natural sunlight, to produce great growth in your corals. The addition of warm white leds produces colors that are more natural, and not washed out.

The SuperBlu 22k model will make your fluorescent corals glow like crazy, and is fantastic for tanks that are primarily soft corals and LPS. Especially zoa, acan, or chalice dominant tanks!

The TruColor 18k model will give you very natural, realistic colors, while still providing a nice amount of punch in color. It looks amazing over SPS dominant tanks!

Either bulb will work in any standard screw in fixture, however neither are dimmable.

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