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    Awesome LPS Pack Up for Auction

    Those of you that have been by recently know that we've been between shipments for a week or two, as we're out of space and spent WAY more than we should have bringing in our last shipment, of which we still have tons of awesome coral available.

    That being said, we got fed up with seeing the same crazy coral in our holding tank and we decided to do something about it! Welcome to our first EBay auction! We have the following items grouped together in a pack that I'm sure will sell for a bargain.

    Aussie Bleeding Apple Scoly
    Aussie Neon Green Striped Purple Brain Coral
    Aussie Purple and Green Acan Lord Frags
    Aussie Red and Blue Acan Lord Frags
    Aussie Neon Favia
    Aussie Blue with Yellow Eyes and Green Rim Chalice
    Aussie Tie-Die Chalice (A.A. Signature)
    Indo Green and Purple Favia

    Go and place a bid on these gems, and liven up your tank!

    - Ben


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    Pretty cool pack!

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