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    WTB: LitermeterIII and remote pump

    Just figured I would see if anyone has a LitermeterIII and a remote pump or two that they would be looking to sell. I would be interested in any of these by them self as well. Haven't seen many used but figured I'd try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rozdab View Post
    Idk if this is still available?

    Maybe pm the seller?

    Thanks for the quick response and looking out! I am actually the first person who responded on that. They said they are trying to sell local before shipping.

    But thanks again!
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    Bump before I buy new ones.
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    SniperZ on that other site is selling one​. Hit him up and tell his ass I said he should be here...

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    I'm talking with him over there I'll make sure to open his eyes lol
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