Hey everyone, I have a few fish to rehome. First is a Scopas Tang. He is tiny, 3/4-1 inch in size. Im asking $30. Second is a Green Bird Wrasse. He is 6 inches or so, and a very active fish. Asking,$50. Lastly is a Desjardini Sailfin. 6-7 inches in size. He does unfortunately have a bit of pitting on him. He was bought this way a couple months ago, as I wasnt able to notice in the tank he was in. Otherwise he is fiesty, great color, fat, and eats like a champ. Paid $75 for him from RW, asking $35. Prices ARE negotiable, sorry, no trades. These fish have all been coppered, and prazi'd, but I make no gaurantees, as nothing is a sure thing in this hobby. Pm if interested. Thanks everyone.