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    WTT: RBTA for Zoa/Paly/Acan

    I have a little 2-3" bleached RBTA in a breeder box in my sump. Was bleached out when I got it and has been coloring up little by little over the last few weeks. Still sticky and still eats readily. My clownfish were being hosted by it as well. It looks like it MAY have some orange tips coming in as well but not defined enough that I would guarantee it. The PC light in the fuge is plenty for it only 6" under the light but I'd like it out of there sooner rather than later if possible.

    Looking for a polyp/head or two of a nice-ish acan, zoa or paly. PM me with what you have.

    Here is a pic under the PC lights. This is a HUGE improvement over where it was when I got it a few weeks ago:

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    How's this doing? Do you still have it?

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    Ash has it now, haven't talked to him for an update in a while. Last I heard it was growing and coloring up well.

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