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    fancy colored pvc

    i decided after seeing pictures of a place that made colored pvc id save me some cash and make my own . why you may ask ?????why not its fun and gets attention . i had alot of pipe due to bean animal so i made each a seperate color .
    you will need krylon fusion in the color of your choice
    pvc and all required plumbing parts
    something to prop pipe up when done (i used buckets)
    blue painters tape to tape off your valves if any .
    ok so i plumbed my entire system and glued it . once glue was dry i took it outside and painted each one with 2 coats . let dry and redid plumbing. beware when glue into bulk heads it will take paint off so watch your drips . also make sure u take time as usual with the glue cause to paint over it makes it look goofy .now for the pictures !!

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    That is awesome looking and stellar idea!

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    Looks good.

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