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Thread: Breeding Clowns

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    Breeding Clowns

    I caught them playing house today. The male was going to town moving substrate, and cleaning the surface of that broken conch shell. He slowed up, once I came with the camera. If they start laying eggs, I'm gonna put them in a separate system and try my hand at rearing fry. Always wanted to try this!

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    Nice I just had regular clowns I liked them but man did turn in to assholes think they were gunna start to get down

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    The male is being bold. Chasing off a porcupine puffer 3x's his size. Luckily, their tankmates are a little tougher than they are. They'll go in a separate system, regardless, if they start laying regularly. Just easier to collect eggs.

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    Have they mated yet?
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