Ladies and gents, we're a fan of WYSIWYG frags. Sure, it's a pain to photograph dozens of individual frags and to keep track of whic is which, but there's nothing like shipping off or sending out the EXACT coral that someone wants for their tank.

With that in mind, we halved all of our SPS colonies tonight! One half of each colony gets to relax in growout for the next few months, after which any new frags will be designated Aquacultured. The second halves of each, though, have been fragged up and glued! That means that we have over 60 SPS frags that, once healed, will go up in our soon-to-be expanded WYSIWYG section on our website!

Tomorrow, some more acans will go to the saw, as well as a lobo colony, a montasteria, and some zoas that we've been secretly keeping. Just as with the SPS, half of each colony will continue to be aquacultured, and half will be fragged for eventual sale on the WYSIWYG section!

Will all of the propagation going on, we've cleared a BUNCH of room out in the stock tank for new coral! If you want us to try and acquire something for you, always feel free to fill out a livestock request form here:

Thanks for following along with our development, anyone! Please post any questions, comments, or suggestions below!

Happy Reefing!

- Ben