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    Salt Group Buy: Crystal Sea Marine Mix BIOASSAY FORMULA REEF BLEND

    Seeing if anyone would be interested. I know a lot of big tanks are going up shortly and this is amazing salt at an even more amazing price. I got 4 boxes in the last group buy a couple years-ish ago and am kicking myself that I didn't buy more.

    We would have to order a pallet to get the group buy price. This means 76 150g boxes of salt. If we can hit that each box would cost just under $32 per 150g box!

    This is by far the cleanest salt I have ever used. No scale/slime in the mixing container, super bright coral, no algae, etc. etc. etc. I tested it a couple times when i was using it and came out with this:

    Quote Originally Posted by SkullV View Post
    For anyone interested in using this salt in the future I just tested a batch with Salifert kits and came up with these results:

    1.025 Heated to 77* Mixing for 24 hours:

    • Calcium - 375ppm (Salifert)
    • Alkalinity - 9.45dKH (Salifert)
    • Magnesium - 1200 (Salifert)

    I am using it now and everything seems happy, but I was dosing daily as well.

    If you are interested in one or more boxes let me know and I will send my paypal address. If we do not hit the 76 box order I will refund all payments in full. I have done a bunch of group buys and all have gone off without a hitch. If you need references, I can provide them.

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    Definitely OT, but did you cross forum-quote yourself?? So awesome!

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    Where would pickup be?
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    Pickup would be in Downtown Chicago, Northwest Indiana, or I could also make a trip or 2 out to the burbs for larger group deliveries. It's worth it for me to bring in a decent sized supply of this salt. I tried to get Ascension Aquatics involved, but Ben seems to be a fan of standard IO.

    We'll see what happens, not looking good for people committing to 76 cases and honestly I don't want to be sitting on 30-40 cases for months on end.

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    Hmm, I'll take a box, just need to decide if I want two boxes or not. I'm also downtown.

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    hmm, maybe the club should buy a bag or two to raffle/give away one month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    hmm, maybe the club should buy a bag or two to raffle/give away one month.

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