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    PLEASE NOTE: This is only my opinion

    I see there are multiple categories, and I believe that having this many was a good way to start! My rule of thumb is that its better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Yes, I understand that if a section is not listed, then it could be added; however, if it is already there then no need to waste time. I would also suggest leaving the categories alone, and over time look and see what is NOT being used, then remove if needed. Furthermore, after looking at the provided sections, I think that almost everything someone would want to talk, or inquire, about is already available for them and they won't have to ask for a certain topic to be available, and wait for it to be there before they can post.

    So, to conclude, I would like to say "Mods of Chicagolandreefs - GREAT WORK THUS FAR!!!!"

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