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Thread: SkullV's SpecV

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    SkullV's SpecV

    Re-adding this thread since it got wiped out with the crash. I'll keep editing the top two posts as I update the rest of the thread over time. Info posts start at post 3.


    • Drilled Fluval Spec V Tank w/Back Chamber Gutted
    • 10g Sump w/3 sections - Skimmer --> Fuge --> Return
    • ReefKeeper Lite Controller w/2x PC4, 1xSL1, 1x Float Switch
    • Bulk Reef Supply 50ml/min Peristaltic Top Off Doser
    • SCA-301 Protein Skimmer w/SkullV Mod
    • Eheim 1250 Return Pump
    • Eheim Jager 75w Heater
    • Hydor Pico 300 for "Closed Loop"
    • DIY CREE LED Light for Fuge (2xRed, 2xCWhite, 2xRBlue)
    • BRS Mesh Screen Top w/Polished Aluminum Frame


    • 10lbs Tropic Eden Reeflakes
    • CeramEco Vida Rock AT544
    • 10lbs Menado Live Rock - Sump
    • Chaetomorpha Algae - Sump


    • 1x Sixline Wrasse
    • 1x Tailspot Blenny
    • 1x Fighting Conch
    • Misc. Herbivore Snails
    • Misc. Nassarius Snails
    • 1x ORA Snowflake Clown from Divers Den (Frag Tank)
    • 1x Crooks Snowflake Clown - ORA x SA (Frag Tank)

    Current FTS (5/21/14)
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    Also as a small update for today, got new 10k PC bulbs for the fuge light. Sure make the frags on the sump rack look like crap, but should grow algae like crazy. Will probably change the front bulb to a 50/50 since that is over the rack part of the fuge.

    Also haven't seen my Yasha since the day after he went into the shrimp burrow. I guess that's normal for months at a time, but if he doesn't come out sometime next week I'm pulling him (and the pistol) and the shrimp and replacing them with a tail spot blenny.

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    Added a bunch of new stuff over the past few days from Reef City and Aquapros. New corals have been added to the list in post #1 and also added a tailspot blenny from Aquapros.

    While I was at Aquapros I also picked up 9 Astrea snails and 1 Banded Trochus snail to hopefully deal with this algae bloom that is going on with the CeramEco rock. I know I can just wait it out and it will go away, but I would much rather get it dealt with through CUC and then allow them to maintain the clean rock. If it doesn't die down by this Friday, I'm going to go lights out for the weekend.

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    I like that VidaRock. Tank is looking great!
    Custom Pico Aquarium 45g DT w/Starfire Front & Sides, 12g Custom Advanced Acrylics Sump & Refugium,
    Ecotech Radion Pro G3 LEDs (2 Modules), 2 Ecotech Mp40QD, Tunze ATO, Nyos Quantum 120 Skimmer,
    Ecotech Vectra M1 Return Pump, 200w Eheim Heater,
    JBJ Artica 1/15 Chiller |
    And a whole lot of fabulous!

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    This Yasha Goby is driving me nuts. I found it in my sump a couple days ago, half dead, after not seeing it for 2 weeks. Put it in a breeder box and it was laying on its side, gills mostly flared open, barely breathing. Now it is able to prop itself upright most of the time but still on its side sometimes. Doesn't eat, mouth mostly gaping open other than when it is freaking out and trying to escape the breeder box. I feel like it may be time to "put it down" but how can I do that when it might get better? I'm thinking the best thing to do is to PIF to someone with a small tank and hope for the best.

    In other news, I think I'm finally going to build my Sump "box" tonight or later this week. The plan is to fully enclose the sump with a hinged top and windows for the fuge and frag rack portions of the sump.

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    Got some photos that I'm not too happy with but they are OK enough to share I think. Most if not all of them have a bit of post processing to REDUCE saturation/exposure and increase temp a bit to counteract the blue LEDs. They are pretty true to color at this point but I can't wait to get my new DSLR. If you see something with a name that looks TOTALLY wrong please let me know so I can either correct it or remove the name all together (What's in a name? A polyp by any other name would look as sweet...right Will?):

    Ding Dang:

    Radioactive Dragon Eyes:

    Blue Agave:

    Watermelon/Eagle Eye Morph:

    Coral Compulsion Flaming Rainbows:

    Blue Eyed Devils:

    Alpha and Omega:

    Captain America:

    Coral Compulsion Flaming Rainbows:

    Blue Eyed Devils:

    Alpha and Omega:

    Captain America:

    Sold as Tubb's Blue (Uncertain):

    Black Cherry:

    Armor of God:

    Reef City Pink Skirts:

    Cornbred Sunny D:

    Bleached out RBTA from New Fish is starting to come around. It takes Rods and Hikari Jumbo Mysis really well. Big improvement in growth and color in the couple weeks I've had it. Starting to look like it is going to stay pinkish and not really deep red:

    Stop looking at me swaaaan:

    Also got a decent picture of my closed loop nozzle. I just drilled a small hole through the false wall and ran an elbow/nozzle down to a Hydor Pico Evolution 300 (300GPH):
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    Looking good.

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    Haven't updated in a while:

    Did a little work in the sump today. Flipped around the skimmer and added a 75w instead of 50w (thought I already had 75w....nope) Jager heater. I'll use the 50w to heat up water change water now. This also required me to cut new acrylic tops for the skimmer and fuge sections which look MUCH nicer than the last ones. Here is the current sump FTS:

    Also swapped the red LED in my front Par30 out for royal blue (thanks Jigga). The one violet LED does a perfectly fine job with the red spectrum. Also added some reflectors to my Ecoxotic Stunner Strips (thanks Issac) and it made a ton of difference. With the reflectors there is almost no light spillage and the brightness of the blue light in the tank is fantastic. Hopefully Tuesday night after meeting up with Mai I'll also have a moonlight dead center. Here is the new shot of the lights:

    Also went ahead and hooked my RODI back up so I can make my own water. Really, this is just another addition to my laziness. I found a nice narrow cylinder holding tank for the water and will be able to keep around 55g of mixed saltwater on hand. That means no more trips out to get water and probably only have to make water like once every couple months. I have always run the Mighty Mite from Air, Water & Ice . It's only a 50gpd but the positive side is the water coming out of the membrane is always cleaner than a 75/100/125/150 GPD which keeps the DI lasting longer. This little guy has been in storage for over a year, I went and got a saddle valve for under my sink, hooked it up, flushed the membrane for about 40 min, and bam, 0TDS water:

    Lastly, just a candid of the cow cat trying to catch the clowns as usual. He's been trying to catch these guys for years. Was more into the bi-color angel from my NanoCube but he's cool with these guys too:

    Now that I started "carbon dosing" I wanted to get a few FTS so I can track the progress.

    Right now we are still at embarrassing diatom bloom status and a crappy point and shoot camera:

    Also took a couple pictures of the pistol shrimp I'm trading to Mai. Old Town had it listed as a "Tiger Pistol" and it looked exactly like the Tiger Pistol on LiveAquaria in their tank. For some reason in my tank it looks like this:

    Met up with Mai today to trade the pistol shrimp for a couple turbo snails and a couple LEDs to make my moonlight.

    Went ahead and used:

    • 2" wide flat aluminum
    • 1x 3w Royal Blue LED
    • 1x Optic (I believe it is a 60*)
    • 1x 9v Cell Phone Charger
    • Thermal Compound
    • Krylon Fusion Paint

    I think it came out pretty well! I have it so it just sits on top of the Stunner Strips so I can move it back and forth to change the "moon" position if I want. The beam may be a little narrow, but I kind of like the single ray of light through the tank. What do you think?

    Hopefully the second to last major "build" task before I can just watch my fish and coral grow (yeah right..). Went ahead and got a real stand for the 10g sump and cleaned up/pained my plumbing. Also went through and organized my wiring. Now I just need to borrow a windows laptop so I can rename all of the PC4 outlets in my Reefkeeper Lite.



    All that is left now is to build the canopy for the sump and skin the sump so all that is visible from the outside is the fuge and the frag rack.

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    Man, you have the works! Sweet setup! I like the single beam.

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    Built the canopy for the sump today. Hides everything really nicely. Now I just need my black vinyl so I can block off everything but the fuge and the frag rack area. The vinyl should be here Wednesday.

    Still need to take a look at the stain cards I got to pick a matching color to the stand. The canopy is solid oak so it should look pretty good stained!

    Here are some pics. Don't mind the solo cup "breeder" box. It has the little RBTA in it. RBTA started walking around the tank and annoying the zoas so it got the boot. Will be listing it for trade shortly.

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