We're still waiting on our black egg crate to finish building out the space for our frag tank, and for now, we're out of room! Of course, that didn't stop us from placing a huge order with our favorite supplier for some awesome zoas and Aussie Sticks and Scolys, so we need some space!

Tonight and tomorrow, all of our frags are going to be just $10*! We already have some awesome Acans, Favias, Acros in stock, as well as a bunch of other goodies that shall remain nameless. Shoot us a PM or call/text us at 847-361-4433 for a time to swing by and see what we can treat your tank to.

Happy Sport Event (which I'm not legally allowed to name)!

- Ben
Ascension Aquatics

*Tie Die Chalices excluded from sale price.

Packs, including Tie Die Chalice for just $100!