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    this is something u dont want to skimp on

    So i figure I would help warn anyone that is just starting or starting to think bout getting in the world of saltwater tanks a skimmer is 1 thing u dont want to skimp on when it comes to buy equipment for ur tank(if a reef the light would be the other). Spend the money and buy a good skimmer (dont make the same mistake I did) granted I found a seaclone for 20 bucks but alot of places try and sell these pos for 100 or more. Im still a noob in this only had my tank up for 4 months but u will save urself a headache by just spending the money upfront

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    +4 skimmer is all that and and a bag o chips! U can have the simplest set up as long as u have a good skimmer your reef will thrive,

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