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Thread: 2 Sick Clowns?

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    2 Sick Clowns?

    After feeding the fish today I noticed something on my pair of clowns.

    Looks like a bite/pinch in the skin or sort of a blister back near the tail. Anyone know what this can be and treatment?

    This is my female she has 2 on the same side one in the white and another right in the edge of the orange before the white band on her tail fin.

    The Male also has a similar blister/skin protrusion on the opposite side.

    These 2 seem to be the only ones with these skin conditions the rest of my fish are all healthy looking. Also the Clowns still have a very healthy appetite!


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    If anyone is curious... My Clowns have recovered from this... Never found out what it actually was but it slowly started to fade away... Been feeding with garlic and selcon soaked pellets and Mysis all mixed up.

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    Could that have been hosting burns from the Frogspawn? I've seen little black marks that look irritated, but yours seem much worse. Maybe the fancy clown have more sensitive skin or something? Glad to hear they are recovering though.

    (I don't know how I missed your original post, sorry to leave you hanging).

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    The female clown does have a couple of those black marks on her so I didnt think it was related. I could be way wrong about it though. I thought it might have been lympho but that usually looks like white growths on the skin. What my clowns had looked like something was poking through the skin from inside :-/

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