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Thread: DIY Sump

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    DIY Sump

    Ok, so i needed to come up with a very affordable sump for my new system. I really didn't want the sump to live under the tank so i came up with this design. The sump lives in the adjacent room on the floor. It was really easy to setup and so far works great. I have some ideas on making it better. I'm pretty limited on space so i can't do what i really want but thats what gets the creative juices flowing right?

    Here's a basic parts list:
    HDX 27g HD Tote from Homedepot $12
    1 x 10 schedule 40 PVC and some misc fittings
    1 check valve for the return line
    2 - 1 Rubber couplers to join the bulkheads to the 1 PVC pipe

    Bulkheads under tank

    So what do i want to do to make it better?
    1. Mount the BRS GFO filter on the wall
    2. I want to put a union on both the drain and the return pipes so i can make maintenance or changes easier.
    3. Add ATO from the RO unit
    4. I was thinking about making a stand to hold another tote above this one and just pump some of the water up to it and let it circulate back down to the sump (gravity). The top sump could actually hold alot more water. I think i may be able to create some chambers for media or whatever else i want to put in there.
    If i can't safely make the two tier tub thing work, i will just add another tub on the floor (unfortunately i cant place them side by side because of the room layout but, i can hard plumb the two tanks together easy enough.

    Any other Ideas?

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    Looks great. That skimmer seems to be working alot better than the previous.

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