Just thought I would share this new pricing and product availability for Neptune. They discontinued a few items (most notably the Apex Lite) plus added a new package.


AquaController Apex Jr, Display & Temp Probe $239.99
AquaController Apex Base Unit, Display, Std pH Probe, Temp Probe & EB8 $524.99
AquaController Apex Base Unit, Display, Lab pH Probe, Temp Probe & EB8 $549.99
Apex Gold Package - Apex Base, Display, Lab pH, Lab ORP, PM2, Lab Cond $799.99
Apex Display Module $124.95

Modules and Control Hardware

CD3 Crossover Diet Food - 3oz. Pouches
AFS Automatic Feeding System $99.99

EB4 EngeryBar 4 $119.95
EB8 EngeryBar 8 $159.95
PM1 pH or ORP, Temperature, I/O Expansion $84.95
PM2 Conductivity, Temperature, I/O Expansion $84.95
PM3 Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, I/O Expansion $94.95
AWM AI Wireless Expansion Module for Vega/Hydra/FiftyTwo $124.99
WXM Wireless Expansion Module/Vortech Compatible $124.95
ALD Advanced Leak Detection Module $74.95
ALD-P1 Advanced Leak Detection Low-Profile (under-carpet) Probe $29.95
ALD-P2 Advanced Leak Detection Solid-Surface Probe $29.95
VDM Variable Speed /Dimming Module/AI-Sol/AcanLighting Compatible $99.95

LSM Lunar Simulator Module $49.95
LED2 Lunar Simulator 2-LED $29.95
LED3 Lunar Simulator 3-LED $39.95
LED4 Lunar Simulator 4-LED $49.95
LED5 Lunar Simulator 5-LED $59.95
ABUS3 3' AquaBus Cable (M/M) $12.95
ABUS6 6' AquaBus Cable (M/M) $14.95
ABUS15 15' AquaBus Cable (M/M) $19.95
ABUS15EXT 15' AquaBus Extension Cable (M/F) $19.95
IOBREAKOUT I/O Breakout Box $39.95
SURFCAB2 2 Channel AquaSurf/Apex to Stream Cable $19.95
DIMCAB2 2 Channel Apex to Light Dimming Cable $14.95
AICABLE Advanced LED Dimming Cable for VDM (for AI and Acan LEDs) $17.95

Probes and Probe Accessories

PRBPHS Standard Grade pH Probe $44.95
PRBORPS Standard Grade ORP Probe $69.99
PRBPH Lab Grade pH Probe $69.95
PRBORP Lab Grade ORP Probe $89.99
PRBTMPJR Apex/Jr Temperature Probe $29.95
CAL4 4.00 Calibration Fluid $2.99
CAL7 7.00 Calibration Fluid $2.99
CAL10 10.00 Calibration Fluid $2.99
PRBDO Oxyguard Dissolved Oxygen Probe w/10 ft Cable $499.95
PRBCOND Lab Grade Conductivity Probe $124.95
COND447 Conductivity Calibration Solution - 447 uS $2.95
COND53 Conductivity Calibration Solution - 53.0 mS $2.95
DOCAL Oxyguard DO Calibration Adapter $29.99
DOMEM Oxyguard Membrane Kit (5 membrane + soln) $69.95

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