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    100g Reef Ready Aquarium

    100g Reef Ready Aquarium

    Aquarium Details:
    Size: 100 gallons
    Dimensions: 48-wide X 27-tall X 18-deep
    Material: Glass
    Manufacturer: All Glass
    Bottom: Tempered
    Sides: Drill-able glass
    Reef Ready: Yes
    Overflow: 2,400 gph
    Overflow Type: Bean Animal
    Return: External with LocLine
    Closed Loop System: Yes - 2 hole closed loop system providing extra flow without need of internal powerhead(s)
    Plumbing: Scheduled 80 - white PVC with shut offs and check valves
    Tops: Custom made netted screens, completely fish safe and prevents any from jumping out of the tank
    Silicon: Resealed in April 2013

    Sump Details:
    Size: 20 gallons
    Drilled: No
    Chambers: 2 (30/70 left and right chambers)
    Material: Glass

    Stand Details:
    Manufacturer: All Glass
    Material: Wood (Pine)
    Color: Exterior-Aged Black (refinished and stain coated) / Interior-White
    Internal Storage: Yes (included are plastic shelf units to store dry goods, food, etc..)
    Size: 49.4 x 19.4 x 28.2 inches

    System is for sale but will not be available for pickup until Feb 1st, 2014 as I must wait until then to move all livestock into new system
    System is heavy. You will need a pickup truck or van to transport. It will not fit in a vehicle without a rear door. I will help buyer load.
    Again, this is for Tank, Sump, Stand and plumbing.

    List Date: 1/1/2014
    Location: Aurora, IL, United States

    On Sale For: $650 (Local Pickup Only)


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    I have seen this tank in person. Is awesome!! GLWS

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    Is there a center brace?

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    It's layed out like a 75 only taller

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    The tank does have a black, single center brace. Does not impede any light distribution. I currently have a 36" t-5/LED combo light on it and the entire tank is lit up.

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    Price Bump: Lowered price to $650 OBO!! Its a great setup for a big reef!!

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    Sold - Mods, please close.

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    Congrats on the sale. Closing.

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    Ecotech Vectra M1 Return Pump, 200w Eheim Heater,
    JBJ Artica 1/15 Chiller |
    And a whole lot of fabulous!

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