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Thread: Dosing Vodka

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    Dosing Vodka

    Just wondering if anyone has any problem with dosing vodka. I have have about a total volume of water 45 g. I started with 1 mil every other day went to 2 mil after about 1 week I up it to 2 mils after about 3 weeks I started noticing some of my sps started bleaching so I started rolling back on my doses I didnt want to just stop, I started dosing vodka because of a bad alge outbreak all my pramiters are good, salinity right where it is supose to be, 8-9 alk 420 cal nitrides 0, nitrates 0, phos with hanna checker 0. just cant figure it could be anything but the vodka. ! other thing I did was tried kent Tec1 mag to rase my mag which was always around 1100- 1150 I did rase it up to about 1275 dosing 1 mil per gal a day about 40 mils a day. I like everyones opinion on what might be happening. thanks

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    It sounds like to me that you increased the amount of dosing too quickly causing a rapid change in the amount of nutrients in the tank which is annoying your sps. I believe you should have increased the dose by .5ml per week. I would continue your dosing but cut it in half and run it that way for a while and increase again later if necessary. Here's a good article about how to does vodka.

    Hope this helps

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