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Thread: LED Experiences

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    LED Experiences

    Many of us have jumped on the LED bandwagon. With the pricing of LED fixtures decreasing and the increase in power and quality of the latest LED units, the trend has really taken off in popularity.

    What are your thoughts on LEDs? Have you used them? Have you noticed a difference since making the change? And what DON'T you like about them if you have downgraded from LEDs back to T5s and Metal Halides?
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    Another great subject Walt, I'm going to start it off by saying that i have just purchased my first LED fixture (still waiting for it to arrive) im very excited to get it set up.

    The one thing i have noticed from people returning to MH/T5 from switching to LED's, is that, with colonies of coral that grew and have been established under Metal Halide or T5 lighting, they take a bit of time to respond positively under LED's, people dont see their coral double in size or start to grow like weeds, and they ditch the LED's without giving them a chance, like anything in a reef system, any changes need to happen slowly and coral should get accustomed to the lighting before fully switching to LED's from traditional Metal halides or T5's. . . again, its just what ive noticed, not having a reef tank under either light for a substantial period of time, my thoughts and theories are strictly based of research and observation.

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    I have both Par38 bulbs and a fixture over different tanks. I bought the panel just to see what the lighting would look like by varying the balance. It sits over my 20G long and it looks good. For the bulbs I have a mixture of wattage and color temps over my 75 and i do like the results. I don't have the dimmable bulbs but I will go with them when I have to replace them. As for growth I haven't noticed a difference except for my Xenia. Under T5s the Xenia would have to be trimmed just about weekly; not that way under LEDs.

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