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    Not sure if there's any going on other than the Banner palooza one going on but maybe we could get a grow out contest or something of that sort to get more people involved and have some fun?

    I haven't done one but I would like to participate in one :-)

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    In a few weeks, Ascension Aquatics would be more than happy to run a growout with free entry frags to every contestant.

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    You are 100% right man. I think we got way busier than anticipated here at year end, but once the dust settles we'll get some serious fun rolling around here. We'll keep you posted, but I'm definitely down for a grow-out if someone wants to get one going (or just find me a colony that is sexy and I'll buy it). A chalice might be fun as well if we judged growth on initial frag vs. end result instead of just polyp count.

    As a way to encourage participation, CLR will contribute $10 per registered member that participates to the prize fund for a grow-out (up to $500).

    If you guys want me to receive and frag the colony, just let me know. I can do pick-ups in Schaumburg and/or Hawthorn Woods (BTR or Sho).

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