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    New Miracle Fish

    My new fish, miracle fish if you will. It came to me on Christmas Eve morning, water was cold and the fish was not moving. The pectoral fins were splayed from its sides and there was no gill movement at all. It was floating in the bag on its side and would roll around when I was looking for any type of movement. I placed the bag in the aquarium to acclimate anyway, hoping it would come through......... 1 minute...nothing.......2 minutes.......nothing.......3-4 minutes and BAM!!!! shot across the bag and scared the chit out of me......then stopped and floated....CRAP!!! I thought that was its last moment of life... So I placed the bag in a bucket and started the drip acclimation. I periodically moved the fish holding it upright and he finally came to life after about 10 minutes. He is now happily swimming with the rest of my clan!!!


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    These fish do some crazy chit. That's awesome to hear.

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