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    Brine Shrimp feeding method for Dragonets

    I've had recent success with a feeding method for my Spotted Dragonet. There have been quite a few people out there that have maintained Dragonets on a diet of Brine Shrimp Nauplii. This can be a challenge for busy (and lazy) folks like myself because of the work involved with hatching, cleaning, and feeding the Nauplii on a daily schedule. While the process itself is simple, it is much more involved than simply tossing a frozen cube into a tank.

    Over the past coupe of years I've experimented with a few methods, like Paul Balzano's DIY Nauplii feeder, Mark Levenson's Dragonet Diner, and the old San Fran Brine Hatchery. Here's my method:

    • Half Pint Glass Milk Bottle: This is the same thing as Mark Levenson's (a.k.a. Melev) Dragonet Diner. I place a little less than a half pint of SW into the bottle and place the Nauplii into it using the Hatching Dish sieve. The bottle is then placed into my tank with the mouth pointed a little more than halfway towards to bottom, so the Nauplii stay inside. There's a small bubble of trapped air that escapes, releasing a few Nauplii into the water column but that's fine.

    • My Dragonet swims into the Diner very quickly and feeds at her leisure. It took her about 2 days to figure it out. I'll leave the bottle in the tank until I get home from work. The reason I like to use a little glass bottle is for sterilization. I'll boil some distilled water and rinse both the Brine Shrimp Hatch Dish and the Bottle, and set up the next hatch

    My Dragonet was not one of those fancy ORA breeds that are raised on Cyclopeez. In fact I have yet to see her eat frozen Mysis, Cyclopeez or Nutrimar Ova. She's been sustained on pods which I've replenished ($$$) on a monthly basis in my fuge. She started to thin out a little but since I've used this new method she's got her healthy tear-drop figure back.

    I can't guarantee that this method will work for you. I think the critical element here is having a Dragonet that is active and hunting from day one.
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