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    Reefwise: Borbs! Scribbled Angelfish!

    Lots of new arrivals today. Here are the highlights....

    Borbonius Anthias
    Bartlett Anthias

    Scribbled Angelfish
    Golden Red Angelfish
    Fisher Angelfish
    Tiger Stripe Flame Angelfish

    Male Lineatus Wrasse
    Flame Wrasse Pairs
    Blue Line Wrasse
    Potters Wrasse
    Orange Cleaner Wrasses
    Male McCoskers Flasher Wrasse

    Purple Tangs

    Semilavartus Butterflyfish
    Heniochus diphreutes - reef safe

    ORA Fish:
    Premium Black Snowflake Clownfish
    Black Ice Snowflake Clownfish Premium Snowflake Clownfish
    Extreme Misbar Black
    Ocellaris Clownfish
    Extreme Misbar Ocellaris
    Tiger Goby
    Hybrid Cleaner Gobies
    Randall's Blue Assessor

    Coral Highlights:
    Rainbow Torch
    Master Scoly
    Ultra Black & White Maxima Clams
    Derasa Clams
    Gold Hammers
    Blueberry Gorgonians
    More Coral Thursday!!

    Med/Lrg Cleaner Shrimp
    Med/ Lrg Fire Shrimp
    Peppermint Shrimp
    Blue Legged Hermits
    Astrea Snails
    Fighting Conch Snails
    Emerald Crabs

    Lots of other great stuff in stock as well!!

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    Is the scribbled female? How much and how big?

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    How small are the borbs!
    Custom Pico Aquarium 45g DT w/Starfire Front & Sides, 12g Custom Advanced Acrylics Sump & Refugium,
    Ecotech Radion Pro G3 LEDs (2 Modules), 2 Ecotech Mp40QD, Tunze ATO, Nyos Quantum 120 Skimmer,
    Ecotech Vectra M1 Return Pump, 200w Eheim Heater,
    JBJ Artica 1/15 Chiller |
    And a whole lot of fabulous!

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    The scribbled is a 4.5" female for $335.

    Walt, the borbs are medium sized.

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    How much for the rainbow torch and gold hammer?


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    how much for the randall's assessor?

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    Randall's Assessors are $99.

    There is a lot of Euphyllia. I still have to touch base with Brian on cost. Yesterday was busy.....5 separate fish and coral orders came in at various times and locations. More arriving today as well.

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    Here are a few videos....

    Super nice Flame Angelfish with "circles" instead of stripes along with a Hybrid Achilles x Goldrim Tang

    Cocopeel Angelfish

    Joculator Angelfish and Tinkeri Butterlfyfish

    Griffis' Angelfish

    Heniochus diphreutes - reef safe bannerfish

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