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    Introducing our NEW SuperBlu line of PAR bulbs!

    We are happy to announce 2 new additions to our line of PAR bulbs!

    These two bulbs are tailor made for those of you who love your tanks to look super blue, and make all of your fluorescent corals look crazy bright and out of this world! Plus still get great growth with the utilization of warm white leds!

    Our first new bulb is perfect for your smaller tanks, and features a combination of 1 warm white 3000k, 3 royal blue 455nm, and 3 cool blue 470nm LEDS.

    22k 14watt PAR30 SuperBlu $59.99

    Our next addition is the second design of our first in class 40w PAR38 line. Featuring 6 royal blue 455nm, 6 cool blue 470nm, 2 true violet 420nm, and 2 warm white 3000k LEDS. Running at a full 40 watts and actively fan cooled!

    22k 40watt PAR38 SuperBlu $119.99

    Both bulbs are available right now!

    Plus, order any of our PAR bulbs along with a Lamp Clamp fixture and save $10 with coupon code "HOLIDAY" (all capital letters). Coupon code expires January 5th.

    All available at www.coralcompulsion.com

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    One of those would look great over my Nuvo 8!!! Since I am trying to run mostly all blues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nxt View Post
    One of those would look great over my Nuvo 8!!! Since I am trying to run mostly all blues.
    One of the par30s is perfect for a nuvo 8. I run two of them over my nuvo 16 and it looks great.

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