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    Reefwise: Coco Peel Angelfish and More Pics!

    The Cocopeel Angelfish is a rare variety of a lemonpeel angelfish found only around Cocos-Keeling. This variety boasts a vibrant blue eye and lacks the blue eye ring!

    Also from Cocos-Keeling, the Joculator!

    Another one of my personal favorites the Black Bandit Angelfish!

    Yesterday we also refreshed our stock of Heniochus diphreutes (Reef Safe Bannerfish)

    Beautiful True Bonded Flame Wrasse Pairs - $198

    I also love these Hybrid Achilles Tangs

    This was just a quick photo tour. We have 100+ fish including more rarities along with the favorites! Just to name a few: Male Rhomboid Wrasses, Purple Tangs, Dracula Gobies, Hawaiian & Xmas Flame Angels, Black Tangs, Greenei Triggerfish, Bartlett Anthias, ect.

    I almost forgot ...We received another Hawaiian Flame Angelfish with Curved Stripes! Super Nice!

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    I saw the bannerfish last night. They looked amazing schooling as best as they could in the CT tank. I sooooo want some!
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    And a whole lot of fabulous!

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    I love mine! It takes care of my butterfly fix.

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    i want a bannerfish!

    do they do ok in pairs?

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    Banners are sweet​!

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