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    Anyone have a SeaHare?

    I'm pretty fed up with my Algae issue... In the 90 Gallon.

    6 Turbos
    2 Lettuce Sea Slugs
    25 Blue Leg Hermits
    Yellow Tang
    Starry Blenny

    And Hair algae is still out of control and growing.

    It all started when I over fed using reef snow one night. I have cut my feedings down to once a day and to one cube of Mysis. Substitute Rods once a week.

    15 Gallon Water Changes every 2 weeks... Also running a TLF 150 with BRS ROX and one TLF 150 with Phosban both changed at water change time.

    I took my time cleaning it out last water change sucking out the gunk at the bottom of the sump and also took out the top layer of rocks with the hair algae and scrubbed them with a tooth brush. I really don't want to pull out all of my rock and do this since I like my rock scape as it is but if a SeaHare or urchin don't help the algae issue I will probably end up pulling it all out and starting over.

    Have not tried carbon dosing but that was another option I was given.

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    My seahare was fantastic, hopefully still being passed around the Chicagoland area, I know at least 3 reefers had him after me. Like a hair algae vacuum!

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