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    Could it be???? A FREE 55GAL TANK AND STAND!!! ..... I THINK SO!!

    I have a 55 gallon tank, stand, and standard light available! This is currently in my shed, and need to make room for my upcoming new toy

    I got this tank from gonebad, and when I picked it up it was filled with water. I have not set this up, and it has been sitting ever since. Therefore, it should still hold water. Furthermore, it would need to be cleaned as there is some algae and possible coralline. THIS IS EASY TO DO! Just use a spray bottle with some vinegar and warm water, and BOOM it will come right off! It is an oak color trim. The stand is a standard stand, nothing fancy. This tank is NOT drilled.

    IMAGES/PICS - As stated above – this tank is in my shed and not sure if I can get a good/decent picture of it; therefore, just google an image if you really aren’t sure on what it looks like. If you would still like a picture, I will do my best to get one to you. Also, please don’t ask for dimension of the tank, as they are online!

    DELIVERY OPTION – (This means I bring it from my location, and drop off at your location. If you are unable to carry/move this tank on your own, I may be in a good mood and help you bring inside. Cause hey, THAT’S HOW I ROLL!!)

    I know this is a PIF and no money “should” be involved; however, I also understand that not everyone has the capability to move a tank/stand this size, and I am willing to offer delivery. With that said DEPENDING ON LOCATION there may be a FAIR AND VERY RESONABLE fee added. ON THAT NOTE….

    Also, if delivered to your location, and you decide you do not want the tank after all….. TOO BAD!! I’m not one to waste time, fuel, etc. for something FREE! No returns, exchanges, refunds, etc.

    ***Forgot to state that I am located in Portage, IN***

    Thanks for looking.
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    Solid PIF bro. Thanks for sharing.

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    still tryin not out on the lawn yet lol but not lookin like its gunna happen

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    Just a heads up (for those of you that do not understand my delivery option) - I am usually out and about going to LFS in a bunch of areas on the weekends, and IF I am making a trip to a few places, and you are along the route (or not that far off of the route) I am willing to deliver for FREE!!
    I'm sorry for not stating that in the original post, as some, if not most, people know I do that to try and help others out.
    Thanks again!

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    Tank has found new home!!

    MODS Please close ...... HAVE A NICE DAY!

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    And a whole lot of fabulous!

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