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    Bonded Filter Pad

    Not exactly a DIY so to speak, but I have gotten tired of buying filter padding in packages. I have a 29g Bio Cube and a 22g frag tank that have no other mechanical filtration. When I would cut my pieces to fit the tanks returns, I would end up with too many waste pieces. I started searching the web and came across this Bulk Bonded Filter Padding
    I am going to give this a try and see how it works out, doing the "cyphering" it comes out a whole lot cheaper than the pre-packaged stuff.

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    Group Buy!!

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    This is what I use on my shark tank and it works great!!!!!
    I think I paid about $50 for a 10+ yard roll and at that time there was a 50% coupon the manager gave me!

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    I would also like to add that the manager is a diver and also has a huge reef tank! She also uses this Nu-Foam material; hence the reason I bought it, cause I wasn't sure if it would cause any problems. She's been using it for some time now, and never had any issues. ONLY THING I SHOULD NOTE: I would recommend dipping a new cut piece in the old waste water to prevent skimmer from POSSIBLY going crazy! Other than that, NO ISSUES HERE!

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    i buy this


    even changing it 3x a week 3 sheets of the stuff lasts me half a year.

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