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    Vortech controller boxes..... Ever have one fall?

    I have come across a few people that have tried using velcro to hang these controllers, and some of them have had to replace the velco, or re-stick the controller to the wall, or even have had the controller fall down into their sump and would have to find a replacement!!!
    Well I have decided to start a thread on how I have ELIMINATED this issue!!!

    First thing you will need is just a basic picture hanger hook roughly about 1/4” – nothing too big, but big enough to hold the weight of controller –

    The next thing I did was remove the back cover from the controller by unscrewing the 3 screws –

    Flip over the back cover (make sure you set the screws off to the side so you don’t lose them!)
    At the top of the cover there is a 1/2-3/4” space, the hole MUST go above the line as shown in the picture!! If you drill the hole below this line, the hanger WILL hit the circuit board and could damage your unit –

    Replace the back cover with the 3 screws and you will notice that there is nothing the hanger can interfere with –

    Carefully hand the unit to the picture hanger mounted to the wall!!!

    NOW you can rest assure that your controller won’t fall down and break or become damaged by water!!

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    Wish my poor ass could afford 1 to even attempt this....but that is a great idea u tge man big pappa still cant get over the name

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    I had a controller fall one time and for whatever reason the wireless chip inside bent. Had to pop it open and bend it back, very carefully, properly mounting these are key! Nice job BPP!

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    i used super Velcro from Walgreens, each square inch has a 8LB hold strength. I would not mount it to a wall in your home as the adhesive would most likely ruin your wall , i have my inside my stand never had any issues going on 3 months. Picture hanger is also is also a great idea.

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    Awesome idea, thanks for the share

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    I use the replacement strips from the 3M/Command line of products. You can pull on the strip's tab and the controller comes off from where you mounted it. No residue on the controller/no damage to the wall/stand/etc. I use the large size.

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