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    whats wrong with my yellow clown goby :(

    he still eats but is not as active anymore

    i fear ICK i seen little white dots on him, but not on any other of my fish. I havent added anything to the tank execpt yellow eye kole, but that was about a month ago

    if its ICK how can i cure it, i dont have QT tank or means to set one up, and its a reef tank

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    i think it looks a little more like discoloration than a growth. I had a yellow a while back that did the same thing and then sadly he passed. I sort of had the impression that he wasn't getting enough to eat, but he was the biggest fish in that tank so it wasn't lack of opportunity. You might try trying to add air flow with an airstone to see if that helps him, but you can't really treat for much if you have coral in your tank without a QT. I hope that helps. I really liked that little dude.

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    looks malnourished, could be a parasite, if you arent QT it could be ich too.

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