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    Pink Hallucination Zoas

    Pink Hallucination Zoas

    Three polyps with two babies coming in.

    Pic shown is a professional pic of the WYSIWYG pic of the zoas I bought that started my colony. Pics we taken under LED/MH/T5 Trifeca combo. Pick up only.

    List Date: 12/3/2013
    Location: West Loop, Chicago, IL, United States

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    dam u u were suppose to wait til I get all this shit paid off first then sell the frag

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    I got to text back Jay too, but I'm sure I can make more frags when you are ready, I made this one because it was kinda of easy, and it was kind of on accident, pissed it off a bit, but made a nice size frag.

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    Kind of need money to pay off the skimmer I decided to buy to review, also I'm going to Vegas soon

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    Gorgeous! GLWS bro

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