Use: Aid in the removal of Bryopsis algae

When using this product: Keep the phosphate level at or below 0.03ppm. Discontinue use of a Poly-Filter (as it has been thought to adsorb the effective ingredient in Tech M). Do not increase magnesium levels more than 200ppm per day. Do not exceed a magnesium level of 2100ppm. Do not add new livestock while magnesium levels are elevated.

Directions: Add one dose of Kent Tech M daily to boost magnesium by 200ppm each day, for four consecutive days (in order to achieve a target level of 2100ppm).* Maintain this level until the tank is free of Bryopsis (usually between three and six weeks), then let magnesium levels return to normal via consumption and export during regularly scheduled water changes.

Testing: It is recommended that you use a test kit to confirm that the magnesium level doesn't exceed 2100ppm. Testing is always recommended when dosing any product into your aquarium; however, with precise dosing, it is possible to use this treatment without a magnesium test kit.**

Tip: In order to test these levels of magnesium, it might be necessary to dilute a tank water sample in half with RO/DI or distilled water (then double the result to get your actual magnesium level).

Dosage: Per the bottle, 1ml of Tech M will raise the magnesium level of one gallon of saltwater by 18.4ppm. So 11ml will raise the magnesium level of one gallon of saltwater by about 200ppm.

Manual removal: For a better chance of success, it is necessary to manually remove the algae during treatment. Tweezers are the most effective method, but a toothbrush can be used when the algae starts to get pale and soft, If possible, brush off the rock in a bucket of saltwater to make things easier and to help prevent algae fragments from entering the display.

Water changes: It is recommended that you continue to perform regular water changes during treatment. To compensate, (after the water change) add 44ml of Kent Tech M to the tank for every gallon of water changed.

Specific gravity: Dosing this product will affect the specific gravity of saltwater, Special attention and corrections need to be made to keep sg within proper ranges.

Warnings: Use this treatment at your own risk. Kent Tech M is not intended to be used in this manner, nor has this treatment been endorsed by the manufacturer. Neither Kent nor I will be responsible for damage caused by using the above treatment.

*You must use Kent Tech M, as other magnesium supplements don't seem to produce the same results.
**Assumes a starting magnesium level of 1300ppm.