Happy first weekend of May everyone. I doubt if anyone remembers me, Ive been gone for about 3 years. My wife and I went through the process of buying a fixer upper, slowly redecorating how we want it, then started a family. 3 years later and we have 2 little ones and started our Reef hobby up again. We have moved EXTREMELY slow this time around and long story short, we are finally ready for some coral life. Tank is coming up to 1 year mark and we'd like to add some color.

We are wondering if there is anyone somewhat close to the Orland, Tinley, Frankfort area who might have a few goodies they are parting with. I'm not looking to add any SPS as I have had no luck with them in the past. However, any Zoa's, LPS, Euphyllia, ect. I would love to check out.

Thanks in advance to all and it's great to be back!