A little over a week ago I found my female swimming very slowly near the sand, Normally she would be with her mate in the corner with most of my anemones. I noticed that one eye was bulging so I thought she could have been injured. I isolated her and started treating her with Melafix. After a week she looked much better; her colors weren't faded and she was swimming better.

During that week of isolation it didn't seem like she was eating at all. I also noticed that her mate in my DT also wasn't eating. I thought they were just missing each other and that things would return to normal when I put her back. When I returned her into the tank she stayed in a corner that had just one anemone and the two of them acted like strangers. She burrowed a little under some rock a day ago and tonight I found her tonight hosting some GSP in another corner. I caught her in a container and tried to return her to her old spot but she swam away immediately.

Are they "done" as a pair? Is there some ritual they go thru to become a pair again? And it still looks like neither are eating.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.