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    Loosing cornbread Fuego

    So yesterday I noticed a frag of mistic montipora fell on a corner of my cornbread chalice and war has it chalice is loosing. It was only a small area and didn't think much of it but today half is dead. So I cut away all the dead skeleton and diped it in revive for 5 minute and reglued it to a new plug. Is there anything else I can do to stop this. I'm so sad this thing was doing great and bigger than a silver dollar now its smaller than a quarter

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    Sad day on rako's reef it's gone I'v never seen a coral go so fast. And I don't even really understand why. I mean I understand coral war but why couldn't I stop it. I moved it cut away to good coral and diped it.

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    Daym. Sorry for your loss. That happened so quickly

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