I remember the day I found it. After months of watching, staring, inspecting every inch of my live rock looking for something cool that had made its way into the tank, I saw it. A tiny, white, perfectly shaped starfish. I yelped with excitement and called my husband over to the tank, saying over and over "it's right THERE, don't you see it??" until he gave me an exacerbated "oh, yeah, cool". I don't think he really saw it.

Fast forward several months and they have taken over my tank....asterina starfish. And they've eaten almost all of my coralline algae! They must go! If anyone has a Harlequin shrimp, I am happy to donate to its food source. Just need to pick up in the Cary/Crystal Lake area. Or my husband and I can come to your house, drink your wine, and talk about reefing. Your choice 😊