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    Filter sock or not to filter sock...THAT is the question

    When I first set up the 75 I used the filter socks, then read (followed others) about them trapping the pods and such. I removed them and now have major "gunk" (because I can't spell ditratus properly) and need to clean out the sump in a big way. Im getting the bucket vac as suggested in the other thread to do this. I am going back to filter socks though..........What do you do and why?

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    Filter socks ain't cheap! I will change them every 2-3 day's.. In order for this to happen it will be in your best interest to DIY the filter sock and have a good amount to keep changing. Also make sure that it's easy to change and not be a PITA. If so you will get lazy on changing and will just be a trap for "gunk".

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    Forgot the name of material to use. But Google will sure show u the way..lol!!


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    Also a new method that I been trying is to keep a good amount: of flow in sump. Also using PVC and egg crate to keep everything up 2" above the bottom while the powerhead keeps circulating the bottom free of gunk. Filter socks will be useful here.

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    When I first started in the hobby, I used filter socks. I hate seeing anything in the water floating around and wanted the water to be crystal clear. After a while, I grew tired of changing them. I would come home and the socks would be overflowing because it was clogged with detritus and pods every other day. I eventually took the filter socks offline and left the water polishing for my skimmer to perform. I PIFed them to a few local reefers.
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    I still like using mine and keeps the water nice and clear. One good point that lil buddua brought up is having easy access to be able to change. I have easy access and could change it in less than 10 seconds.

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    I always run a filter sock. It really catches a lot of crap. I'm just always sure to change it out every 2-3 days. Wanna see what happens if you don't use one? Just look at ****'s tank

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    I am still using mine. Carbon dosing had caused it to fill even faster now.

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    i use one on our tank. catches a lot of crap and keeps the water clean

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    i have stopped using them

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