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Thread: Salt?

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    I am almost out of my Tropic Marin. I was wondering what everyone else is using that would be just as good if not better?

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    No idea if it's better or worse since I've never used Tropic Marin, but i use Red Sea Coral Pro. I really like it and from what i can tell, it's one of the cheaper ones. I don't go through a lot of salt though.

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    I just used reef crystals to get my new tank up and running. However I have heard great reviews on salinity and I think I am going to try that.

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    I wanted to try the salinity but have read a bunch of bad reviews on it. I also read that there reef salt version is better then the aquavitro

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    I was thinking of trying the esv salt also

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    I use fluval salt. It mixes almost instantly
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    Used to use Tropic Marin for years, but switched to Salinity over a year ago and have never been happier. I great great results and dose less since making the switch.

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    IO Reef Crystals for me. But, if you're getting good growth stay with the same salt. IMO

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    I've been using Salinity for the most part and I am very pleased with it. It's a little pricier at the checkout counter but when you compare it to the other salts where your salinity needs to be at 1.025, it's a better buy. My bucket really does get me over 225 gallons of saltwater at that salinity. I find myself rarely ever having to dose calcium and I never have to dose magnesium.

    I used to use Reef Crystals, but I hated that sludge on the sides of the mixing container. I found out that Instant Oceans adds organics to it, which is why that sludge develops. I also didn't like that the salt didn't make as much saltwater as the box claims for those of us who keep our salinity at 1.025. I think the box recommends 1.021 or something close to it.
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