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    BIO-CALCIUM ACTIF -- Thoughts?

    So I happen to have a decent sized jug of this stuff.. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on it

    Increases calcium, alkalinity and pH for optimum coral growth without disturbing the ionic balance
    Contains all 70 trace elements in the concentrations found in natural seawater
    Stabilization of optimal pH level to promote coral growth
    No unnatural by-products
    Exact dosages without prior dissolving

    How to use:

    Calculate the volume of water in your tank system. Measure the alkalinity to calculate the amount of calcium carbonate required. One measuring spoon of BIO-CALCIUM ACTIF in 100 l (26 gallons) raises the alkalinity by 1.5° dKH and the calcium content by 10 mg/l. Tropic Marin® recommends an alkalinity level no greater than 9° dKH. The maximum recommended daily dose is 2 measuring spoons per 100 l / 26 US-gal. of aquarium water!

    Natural seawater has a calcium content of approximately 410 mg/l, an alkalinity of 6.5° dKH and a pH of 8.2. As the Tropic Marin® BIO-ACTIF-SYSTEM is nature oriented; we also recommend orientation towards the natural concentrations here, with a carbonate hardness of 6 to 7.5° dKH and a calcium concentration of 410 to 450 mg/l.
    Sprinkle Tropic Marin® BIO-CALCIUM ACTIF onto the surface of the water in a place with a strong current, preferably in the filter sump, making sure that no undissolved crystals come into contact with the creatures.

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    Sounds like some mix of cal, alk, kalk, and minerals.

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    How does one use this?
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