What a great start to the week! We've got a good stock of Bali fish and corals this week.

Talbot Damsels
Springeri Damsels
Powder Blue Tang
Scopas Tangs
Eibli Angel
Koran Angel
Lamark Angel
Snowflake Eel
12" Zebra Eel
3" Picasso Triggers
Peppermint Hogfish
Solorensis Wrasse
McCoskers Wrasse
Foxface Rabbit
Elegant Dottyback
Meleagris Leopard Wrasse
Six Line Wrasse
Lubbock's Wrasse
Bicolor Blennies
Lyretail Anthias
Large Gold Coral Banded Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp
Pom Pom Crabs
Trachyphyllia Brains
Welsophyllia Brains
Plate Corals
Ultra Ricordia Yuma
Cultured Frogspawn
Coco Worms
Green Lobed Leathers
Cultured Neon Green Leather Frags
Bubble Corals
Cultured Star Polyps
Yellow Feather Dusters

See you soon,