Iíve had the meter for a couple weeks now, and so far I think this is finally an accurate conductivity meter. Iíve been using the Pinpoint salinity meter for a couple years, and my first 2 were pretty accurate. The probe had a fault on the second meter while it was under warranty, so I was sent a new one. Both this one and the next just did not live up to the accuracy of my first 2. They had up to a 1.5ms variation between tests.

After research the most economical lab grade was the Oakton Con 6+ Meter with probe WD-35604-00. After enough searching I found a new one on ebay for comparably cheap, under $300. The instructions state the probe should not be submerged above the clear guard, so I did have to build a probe holder for the tank. It has a manual calibration mode so I could calibrate to a 53ms sample. The meter is made in china, but for thermo fisher scientific.

Iíve verified it during each use now against a precision floating hydrometer and am so far satisfied in the .1-.2 variance. The accuracy of the hydrometer, thermometer, conductivity meter, and the human factor could all cause this small variance.

I just wanted to pass along the equipment review for anyone seriously interested in testing accuracy.