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    Reefwise: Lightning Clownfish, Wyoming Whites, and more

    Lightning Maroon Clownfish have arrived! We are currently in the process of pairing up the Lightning Clownfish with each other and Morse Code Maroon Clownfish.

    These clowns are aggressive towards each other which means that you can not put any random two maroons together. The best chance to pair them is early on so we are taking the time to do that now.

    New Clownfish Arrivals:

    Lightning Maroon Clownfish
    Morse Code Maroon Clownfish
    Wyoming White Clownfish
    Phantom Clownfish
    Davinci Clownfish (Grade Extreme)
    Wide Bar Mocha Gladiator Clownfish
    Flurry Clownfish
    Spotcinctus Clownfish Pair

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    Great clowns from a great source! I love seeing gorgeous clowns in the area

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    A few more pics

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