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    Guns & reefers ii

    This is the long awaited, highly anticipated sequel to the GUNS & REEFERS debut thread (located elsewhere). Interested in guns or concealed carry? If so, this is teh place to be. Not interested in guns or concealed carry? F*** off.

    So, without further ado...

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    You people and your guns! It makes me sick! The idea that a gun is an inanimate object and it's a person responsible for shootings?! What bull!

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    Guns are terrible and they can hurt people. Here are a few of mine.

    Oly Arm with Rock River Upper (Built by me)

    Taurus Judge
    Early Family Pic (funny how these things accumulate)
    My First Father's Day Gift
    Finished before staining.

    As with reef stuff, i realize that I need to take more pics! THanks for starting this here BB and keep us posted on CCW info. I'm not planning on first round, but I'll be in it soon.

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    This is how they do it in AZ..

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    I can't remember but someone had a opportunity to get in a GB for Sig 556 I think. Was it you Herbie?

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    Today DD and I completed cc class and passed qualification. I'll fill you guys in on the class curriculum and updated concealed carry info this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Buddha View Post
    This is how they do it in AZ..

    They do know how to do it out there my friend. Had a chance to go to a couple of private clubs with clients out there once. Really something Chicago needs to learn about.

    I am in a SIG556 Classic GB Vic. It's taken freaking forever. Lastest update is end of December. They're worth the wait though. Special order for the 160th SOAR with their logo engraved. I'm lucky and honored to have a very good friend in that unit. CAN'T WAIT!
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    Glad to be done with the Part 2 of the CC classes.

    Sadly, just in the 8 people that were on the range with BB, his brother in law, and myself, there were a couple of window lickers that have no business with a gun, let alone carrying one concealed on their person taking the class.

    The lady in the stall next to me couldn't figure out how to operate her gun and when it did work, she was all over the place. The guy next to BB had a green laser on his firearm and the thing was bouncing around like a rat on PCP. His shots were all over the place as well. Can't use the "laser isn't zeroed in" excuse either. All the shots would be in a group, just not where you intended them to be.

    I believe everyone should carry a firearm if it makes them feel safer, but please get personalized training, as well as tons of practice. I'm far from being Dirty Harry with a gun, but I can hit what I'm aiming at. I think the question people should ask themselves is "why do I want to carry a loaded gun on me out in public". If it's anything other than to protect yourself and your loved ones, please don't bother carrying one. God forbid you have to pull it on someone and shoot them. Are you ready to take a humans life?

    I guess my only fear with having many, many people carrying firearms on them, is how many of them are the type of people who would normally have walked away from a bad situation, now take it on headfirst because they're armed? I'm sure there won't be a great deal of them, but I can imagine there being a few.

    When you carry, you should turn into a completely different person. One who is calm, cool, and collected. If you're normally a hot head, either don't carry one, or just get into the mindset that you're not a hot head.

    I think that Illinois finally allowing concealed carry is a great thing. I just wish the targets were a bit smaller. A B27 target basically fills up your entire shooting lane. Pretty hard to miss since the only thing you have to do point the gun forward and squeeze the trigger.

    With all of that said, I'm glad to be through the first two hoops and am going to be patiently waiting for the application to be ready hopefully on January 5th.

    I just hope that everyone takes the high road when they're packing heat. Just because you get to carry a gun doesn't automatically make you a badass. Even if there are skulls and bones on your gun LOL!

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