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    angelfish color change

    I am going to post this here too since everyone is coming here I can also document color change with dates as it grows.

    So I thought I'd make a thread of my angelfish to show how its color changes as it grows. I am pretty excited that it started changing already. It grew 1.5" since I bought it the second week of August. I will try get clearer pictures next time.


    11/2/2013 - tail is starting to show yellow

    Yes, look at the fatty next to the angel.

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    Just another pic I took today to add to the log here. You can see the color change better in this pic.

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    Since the last picture I took of the angel on 11.10.2013, now he seems to be developing a white color change on the base of the tail. I am loving the color change and how fast he is growing. He has now also developed that outer rim around the yellow on the tail.

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    Awesome colors! Maybe I should get one too!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by keishakornbread View Post
    Awesome colors! Maybe I should get one too!!
    They are beautiful fish! I can't wait till it has full adult colors.

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    That is one awesome looking fish

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    How it looks today. The head is starting to change to adult colors too now. The top fins are also changing going all the way to the back. The yellow on the tail is also getting brighter.

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