We took our first of its kind, 40w PAR38 bulb and made it even better! We lowered the actual power used to 35w, while still maintaining the same powerful light output. Our custom designed honeycomb optics have been slightly widened to 80 degrees for better spread of the light to about 24" and still penetrating up to 36" deep. The optics are arranged in 4 groupings of 4 separate LEDs to mix the colors more evenly so you don't get any spot lighting of colors. In addition to new optics, you will see that the outer appearance of the bulb has been given a sleek new all matte black finish. Inside, these bulbs now feature a dimmable driver, controllable by any standard household dimmer, is fan cooled internally to stay cooler than any other PAR bulb yet, and as always covered by our 3 year warranty.

We offer two color variations of this bulb that both utilize an unconventional, yet very effective and visually appealing, mix of warm white 3000k leds, along with royal blue 455nm, cool blue 470nm, and true violet 420nm leds, these bulbs provide a full spectrum of light, closer to natural sunlight, to produce great growth in your corals.

Our 18k TruColor model features 4 warm white leds, 6 royal blue leds, 4 cool blue leds, and 2 true violet leds. The color it produces is a very crisp bluish white. While it still provides great pop with florescent colors, many customers like this color combination for showcasing reefs that contain lots of pastels, especially SPS and some soft corals.

35w TruColor 18k Dimmable PAR38 - $129.99

The addition of warm white leds produces colors that are more natural, and not washed out. With the cool blues, deep blues, and true violets added to balance out the warm whites, you are guaranteed to see the vivid Tru colors of your coral, in the way that they were meant to be seen.

Our 22k SuperBlu model features 2 warm white leds, 6 royal blue leds, 6 cool blue leds, and 2 true violet leds. The color it produces is a very blue color. It provides crazy pop from any corals with flourescent colors, while having just enough white to still see any non fluorescent colors, and even corals that are blue in color. Customers with colorful zoas or LPS like chalices, acans, euphyllia, etc. love this bulb as it makes your corals look surreal and glow like crazy.

35w SuperBlu Dimmable PAR38 - $129.99

Both of these bulbs are great for nano size aquariums, or use multiple for larger aquariums. They use a standard e26 screw in style base and can be hung over your tank, or clipped on depending on your fixture preference. They are now dimmable, using any standard household dimmer rated for LED. These bulbs produce great growth, and bring out lots of color in your corals.

Both bulbs are available now, in addition to our full line of PAR38 and PAR30 bulbs at www.coralcompulsion.com

Also, stop by Reefwise in Lisle, or AquaPros in Glen Ellyn to see the bulbs in action!