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    DIY Par30 Fixture

    Decided to finally ditch the insanely blue light I've been running and finally hook up the Par30s that I got from Coral Compulsion. Not sure I like the spectrum, it is truly a full spectrum setup (Red, Green, Blue, Royal Blue, UV, White) but it may be a little too much of the green/red and not enough white/blue for my taste. I guess time will tell.

    Anyway, needs a little clean up, and I'm going to go over all the conduit with steel wool for a little more "brushed" look but this is pretty close to final. I really like how it matches with the unfinished ceilings and duct-work of my loft:

    Hopefully next weekend I can drill it, get the sump going, and be done messing with equipment.

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    Forgot to put the before picture:

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    Ted that is looking sa-weet. I'd love to see some more step by step shots if you have them.

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    If you want, I can bring my 38's with when I swing through and you can compare my custom spectrum from Jimmy.

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    Yeah man wouldn't hurt. Sorry, no step by step shots, I thought about it, but was too into the groove to mess with it.

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